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Health and Balance

Welcome to Penn Valley Chiropractic and Wellness Center


Our Mission is to help you, our patient, have a more balanced quality of life. 

We believe health is essentially a balance or 'harmony' of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our beings. Our primary focus is structure – structure affects function, including but not limited to musculoskeletal, biochemical, nervous system, nutritional with an emphasis on neurotransmitters.

Penn  Valley Chiropractic and Wellness Center focuses on natural, drug-free pain relief. We offer 'functional' blood analysis, a science-guided approach to an individualized health and wellness program. 

Office Hours:

(Subject to change due to


Sunday          Closed

Monday         10:00am-1:00 pm

                        2:30pm –6:00 pm

Tuesday         10:00am-3:00pm

Wednesday   2:00pm-6:00pm

Thursday       10:00am-3:00pm

Friday              Closed

Saturday         Closed

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